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Financial Strength

This calculator helps you check your financial health

Question Never Rarely Sometimes Usually Always
I have enough money every month to pay for housing / installments and other family expenses
I write down my plan and budget.
I have a system to monitor my spending.
I neatly arranged important financial records and when I needed I could find them easily.
I save regularly for long-term plans such as sending my child to school later, buying a home or retiring
When I get a raise or a bonus, my savings also increase
I have deducted a sum of money for several months to prevent me from losing my job or getting sick
I write down my financial goals with a certain date and amount.(For example: VND 40 million to buy motorbikes in June 2022)
I save at least 10% of my monthly income
I compare prices in at least 3 stores when buying major items
I avoid what I like and don't go shopping to entertain me.
I have enough contingency insurance when unfortunate things happen, such as hospital fees, disability, or big family losses.
I invest in many different types (like bank deposits, securities, real estate, dollars, etc.).
If I talk about investment, I understand how to diversify money.
I pay the debt on time (personal debt, home loan, credit card).

Note: Our Tools and Calculators only give the results based on estimated interest rate. In reality, the number may not be exactly the same as the results. You need to talk to a financial expert for more accurate information (interest rates, expected returns ...) on your savings or investment products.